Option to Opt out of receiving a physical Card


Just had request a new card for security reasons, only a few weeks after already getting a new card due to the old one expiring. I pretty much never use the physical card and either use it online or with Google Pay. I hate waste, so I would have been happy to just get a new set of virtual card details rather than a new plastic card, but when I suggested this, I was told I have to have another card sent out. Could this be considered as an option?


Some retailers need the physical chip and pin card to refund transactions

They must already have the functionality to do this, as new Curve Blue users have to pay a card delivery fee if they want a physical card - so the card is optional. All they need to do is ask the question on all tiers but not charge the fee on the higher tiers if a physical card is selected.

This seem to be missing from all card issuers I’ve used so far. Except Revolut perhaps where you can have a “virtual” card.

I only used the physical card once in total to make sure it works and to change the pin code. Always Apple Pay after that, I guess it’s a good backup in case the battery dies.
But then I also have the Apple Watch :thinking: