Our cards are issued in the UK, and so may be declined

Are some of your transactions declined, or immediately refused before any 3DS challenge, only because our cards are issued in the UK (though they might have a localized BIN code) ? That is what happen with some e-sites in France (after confirmation by their support). Since the Brexit, some retailers refuse all cards that are issued in the UK (though they have a local Mastercard BIN code).
Have you come across such declines for this reason?
Have a good day anyway :slight_smile:

This possibility (rejection of the Curve card in EU) has been mentioned here (or in another FinTech community) as a possible (indirect) consequence of Brexit. I will see if I can find the specific posts…I think I remembered the posts below (not 100% sure).

There is indeed a difference between country of issuance and the local bin. That’s why people sometimes still get a DCC prompt when using a localised EUR Curve (or Revolut) card at an EUR POS/ATM.

My Curve card has been rejected a couple of times in Dutch webshops, before “3DS challenge”. But I didn’t check the reason with them (and none was given during the payment process). I just used my Dutch credit card instead (or PayPal, if available, with my Curve card selected). So rejection could have been because it was UK issued, but could have been another reason as well.

I have never had my Curve card rejected in a physical store if MasterCard was accepted.

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I’m in Germany. It explains why the messages on the card machines are usually in English. I never thought about this before. I’ve not had any trouble so far. Touch wood :wink: