Our recent email regarding Revolut

You may have seen the changes Revolut’s making to their FX fees and cashback program starting August 12th. The email that we sent out on Monday was just a quick reminder that when using your Revolut card through Curve, you benefit from Curve’s great FX rates (more information here).

Plus, if you’re eligible for Curve Cash (read more here), you’ll earn 1% on your spending at your chosen retailers - win win! You’re eligible for Curve Cash on all of our tiers:

  • Curve Blue - 1% Cashback at 3 retailers for 90 days
  • Curve Black - 1% Cashback at 3 retailers as long as your subscription lasts
  • Curve Metal - 1% Cashback at 6 retailers as long as your subscription lasts

Just to clarify, you won’t earn any extra cashback outside of Curve Cash for spending with your Revolut card through Curve.

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Thanks for your clarification.

Is there a reason I didn’t get the email although I have my Revolut card linked to Curve and also used it several times a month?

Just to clarify, you won’t earn any extra cashback outside of Curve Cash for spending with your Revolut card through Curve.

So, what’s the point of sending this email at the first place?!
Kinda misleading the email.


Yes, it was pretty misleading.


That was it? The e-mail to Blue members said:

Supercharge your Revolut card with Curve.
Select your Revolut payment card on Curve to enjoy fee-free spending abroad on weekdays and earn 1% instant cashback when you spend, uncapped!

But Revolut cut their basic FX allowance to £1000 per month, with a 0.5% overage charge.
Curve haven’t changed, but their basic FX allowance is £500 per month, with a 2% overage charge.
And the cashback is capped to 3 retailers for 3 months on the basic card.

It seems like someone in marketing misunderstood the various offers, because if you’re someone affected by Revolut reducing their free FX allowance from £5,000 to £1,000 then using their free Curve card makes them worse off - even if all of their spend was with a cashback retailer in the first 90 days!


Has this email been sent to everyone? I have not received anything about it :thinking:

No, it wasn’t. I also did not receive it (not that I’d want to :wink:)…

Email was sent on June 15th.
The email was in response to a semi-competitor who is listening to their customers and given features they want. Revolut’s offering is better than Curve’s. From experience, Curve’s FX rate is more expensive than Revolut.


I presume that, like most Curve offers, it doesn’t apply to us here in Ireland.

Hey, I’ve just checked this and can see that we sent this email to customers who have an active Revolut card on their account. It’s possible that some people may have been missed unintentionally!

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