Our referral program is ending ⚠️

Our referral program is ending :warning:

When you successfully refer a friend to Curve, you earn 1% cashback on your purchases for 30 days. The more friends you refer, the longer you earn 1% cashback.

We’re making some changes to this 1% cashback referral offer, before launching something amazing very soon…

What’s happening?
The current referral program will stay in place until 2022-03-01T00:00:00Z2022-03-30T23:00:00Z. So if you refer a friend before this date, and they make their first payment with Curve, you will still get 1% cashback on your purchases for 30 days.

What happens to your existing referrals?
If you’ve built up more than 30 days of cashback from referrals, you’ll still earn 1% cashback up to a maximum of 12 months, and subject to terms. We’re also expanding the list of ineligible and excluded transactions for cashback.1

Love getting 1% cashback on almost all your spending? Hit up your contacts before it’s too late :running_man:


Any compensation for the people losing their existing >12 months of remaining cashback?

Feels pretty bad for people who have been loyalty inviting a double or triple digits amount of people and then having that reward ripped away retroactively.

Especially for people like me who have invited a lot of people, but gotten relatively little cashback in return because of low/average spending.

With the old program which paid £5 per referral I would have been much better off, because at least I would get something for sure as soon as the referral was confirmed, instead of having it delayed and then removed.

If you are going to remove the cashback for >12 months, then you can at least give us those £5 for every month of cashback voided. I know you have no obligation to do so, but taking away bonues earned by people who have made an effort to bring you customers doesn’t feel right.


I’m pretty sure you could only ever get 12 months in total…

Not true. I currently have 498 days remaining, clearly shown in the app, it doesn’t stop at 365 or anything like that. I also have 14 pending referrals (of which most people are just waiting for the card to arrive so they can make the first purchase).

So taking my remaining days in excess of 12 months, and using a fair estimate for how many of my currently pending referrals will be successful, I will probably lose about 500 days of cashback in total.

In addition to losing these ~500 days, which is the main issue here, the content I created single-handedly for the purpose of this referral program will now also go to waste. So overall pretty bad news for me and others who have also helped spread the word about Curve far and wide.

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There is a new referral program due!

The remaining cashback months from the old program should be rolled over and converted to whatever the new program is about. Makes a lot more sense than just deleting the rewards.

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No, this is retrospectively screwing-over those people who got Curve the most customers. Strange as it was capped at £20/user I think?

Curve could have been meaner - the T&Cs let them cancel with 30 days notice, not 365 - but it seems weird that this programme that’s been raved about in shareholder comms has been spiked and it’s Curve’s best recruiters that have been penalised with a bait and switch.

Yeah, there isn’t any doubts about them legally being allowed to do this, it was clearly stated in the terms all along.

It is just weird that Curve would screw over precisely the people that have helped them the most. If anything they should be rewarding those people further, not take the rewards away like this.

I can understand the logistical advantage of having a final end date for the cashback in 12 months, they understandably don’t want to have to maintain the front- and backed for the few users who would still have cashback in 3, 5 or even 10 years from now, but if they want to take away the cashback they should compensate the effected users accordingly.

If Curve goes through with this they will have forever betrayed the trust of their users, and nobody will ever commit to any future affiliate/referral program they may launch.


I agree. I have at the moment 5652 days of 1% cashback which will be capped at 1 year. Meaning, I am losing around 14 years of cashback :frowning:

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