Our response to easyJet data breach

We are getting in touch with customers that have made a transaction with easyJet using their Curve card. As you may have heard, easyJet experienced a data breach affecting 9,000,000 of their customers, resulting in some card details being compromised. More information on the incident, and who has been impacted can be found here.

As always, we are monitoring our customers’ accounts for suspicious behaviour. Your security and peace of mind is a top priority for us. If you would like your Curve card reissued, contact our support team at support@curve.com.

What should I do if I don’t recognise a transaction?

  1. Lock your card immediately in the app
  2. Get in touch with Curve customer support via the app or email support@curve.com

Rest assured, you will not be out of pocket in the event of any fraudulent transactions. Learn more about how you are protected here.

Team Curve


I’ve used 4 different cards with easyJet over the last few years, visa, MC, AmEx. From all of these, Curve was the 1st one to release a statement!
Big shout-out for Curve being so proactive.

This is the 3rd big data breach in the last year (MasterCard priceless coin program, Buchbinder rental company and now easyJet).

This shows again why virtual cards are so important! Being able to use a virtual card just for 1 purchase and then throw it away is critical in these times. Revolut premium (for a charge) and Openbank by Santander (free) already have virtual cards


Hats off to you guys for being the only ones to reassure customers on the situation. I’ve had nothing from Lloyd’s Banking Group across any of my Lloyd’s/Halifax/MBNA accounts about if I have or haven’t been (I’ve not flown with EasyJet since 2010!), but its still reassuring and nice to have an email from Curve just to let me know all is fine with you guys. It’s the small things that make a big difference around customer service and I’m sure those that have used easyJet recently will find this extremely beneficial!

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It’s free with Revolut now :money_mouth_face:, or at least I wasn’t charged for “issuing” my disposable virtual card with my free account. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: May be I will get charged for every payment I make with this card (haven’t made any yet)? :man_shrugging:

I’m talking about severel virtual cards, not just one. Having 1 virtual card doesnt offer any more protection than having 1 physical card.

Yes, I know, and I am talking about DISPOSABLE virtual card which changes its number after every online payment (has got pink color in Revolut app). :wink: Beside that, I have got “standard” virtual card (light blue color in Revolut app) and physical card (standard blue color for free accounts). :sunglasses:

Why do you need several cards?
Then the card simply change after every use?

I’m a metal customer and have been given an option to have a new card issued since I have purchased easyjet flights in the recent past.

It’s not been made clear to me if I will receive a replacement Metal card in the same colour, or just a regular plastic card?

Can someone from the Curve team please clarify this for benefit of other Metal cardholders who are affected?

Thankfully, only the details of 2,208 were compromised and why I presume Curve are not replacing cards proactively.

I’m more worried about the personal data breach

The ~2000 card holders with card details stolen were informed by easyJet over 3 weeks ago. I’d be willing to bet there were no Curve cards in that small sample.

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