Overseas ATM and FX rates

Sorry if this has been asked before - I have a Curve metal and after Covid imposed restrictions I’m about to travel again - What are the ATM limits when using an ATM abroad and are the FX rates for making purchases still near money market rates?

Check help page below for more information on spending abroad with your Curve card, including the answers on your two questions.


£600 per month ??? thats a bit of a downward change,. and weekend transactions incur a surcharge? looks like I cant quite ditch Wise and my Spanish bank account yet…

As far as I know the ATM foreign currency limit has always been £/€600 per month for metal.
There is indeed a FX weekend surcharge.

I’m on Curve Legacy Black (free). I think that still gets unlimited spend abroad, and £400/ month ATM limit.

Can anyone confirm?

I can confirm. For the unlimited spend abroad there is a fair use policy.


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Am alone in being concerned about the vagueness of “fair use” ? whose idea of Fair use? if it’s Curve’s why be so vague?

I can make it less vague for you:

Unlimited Fee free currency conversion (subject to a fair use up to €60,000 a year).

Unlimited Fee free currency conversion (subject to a fair use up to €15,000 a year).

(also applicable for legacy black)



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