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Buenas tardes.

Ayer me pidió el pin y lo puse mal las tres veces creo porque lo confundí con el de mi banvo, nunca me lo pide o no me lo suele pedir y la lié creo.
¿Como la desbloqueo? ¿Es la de curve o la de mi banco la que tiene el problema?
Yo juraria que es la de Curve.



By contacting Curve support (as the message in the Curve app, as shown on your screenshot, is telling you).

It’s the pin of your Curve card.

I received thid message… but the only solution is using an ATM.
I dont have an ATM near to my house or to my work.
Is it not possible other solution?

Hi Sergio, Tommy here - Thanks for getting in touch!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I’m sorry to hear that you experienced a couple declines. I’ve had a look and I can see that this happened because the PIN of your Curve card is blocked.

To help resolve the matter I’ve sent a PIN unblock request to your card; to unblock your Curve card you’ll just need to visit a bank ATM. The process at the ATM should be:

Insert your Curve Card into the ATM and enter your PIN (you can view it in the Curve app by selecting Account > Card Details > Card PIN)
Go to “PIN Services” and select “Unlock PIN” (if the PIN services option is unavailable, you can reset your PIN by doing a balance enquiry check or by attempting to make a withdrawal).
At ATMs with PIN Services available, you should also be able to select the “Change PIN” option (once the PIN is unlocked) and change your PIN if you’d like.

Is it possible to change the PIN in Spain?

I guess not. If there would be another way support may have mentioned it. But if you want to be sure if it’s possible to do it differently I guess you will need to ask support.

According to the Revolut help pages ATMs in Spain do not have this option:

Please be aware that there are certain countries where ATMs do not support PIN change, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, and Singapore.

in the Netherlands since a couple of years ATMs do have this option.

The support said my the same text… it is necessary to unlock in an ATM but in Spain is not possible.
I need a solution… i need help.
Is it necessary a new curve card?
Is it not possible to unlock the curve support?

It is definitely possible to unlock your Curve card at an ATM in Spain :point_down:t2:

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