Paid into my curve card and now?


I was wrongly transferred money to my curve card, now curve app says that I paid for and did not receive.

The linked bank (Fidor, Germany) now also shows a negative amount.

I have already contacted (curve)support.

Is the money actually debited an gone forever from my and from account who sent it?

Sry for my bad english


You dont add money to curve
That not how it works

I know that, now too <3

I think to understand the issue here we need to understand the transactions that took place. Please can you list out what transactions you were expecting to happen and then what did happen so that we can compare and try to understand where there might be an issue?

Simple: someone sent me money. this person entered my curve card number and sent an amount XY. Now it says in the Curve app that I “bought” something…!

Oh! er….how did they send money to a debit card?

I guess whatever service should have done this as a refund to your Curve card so I assume something wasn’t done quite right. It is probably best to wait for Curve to reply to your support request.

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Was it a refund for a store?

No! A simple transfer. From the russian bank Tinkoff to Curve.

The Tinkoff app showed no error message and debited the money…

And now the money is gone at the Russian bank and for me it is also shown as “paid” and not as “received”. See notes above. Crazy sh<3t )

As @andyk said it is probably best to wait for Curve support to respond, see also this topic where someone reported the same issue:


It doesn’t sound like a simple transfer to me - debit cards are not made to have random credits in to the account!

Transfers between accounts should ideally be done using the account number and sort code…

Ok thx ladies and gentlemen.

I am glad to read that the money is not lost forever and the problem can be fixed! <3

I’m waiting for the support response

But one thing I don’t understand:

why is money withdrawn from my curve-card when someone try deposits money on my curve-card? Regardless of whether this is technically possible or not …

Isn’t it a big, technical mistake?

I could understand if the money doesn’t arrive and gets stuck somewhere in between.
But now, the money is gone twice. From the sender and the recipient )

No solution yet, from support, btw.

See previous quoting Curve member explaining the bug

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hehe, apparently in Russia its standart (for transfers between Russian banks). I have seen many times just a card number (Visa, MasterCard) in russian youtubers videos. You can donate to them that way just by knowing card number. No idea how. I’m not from RU.


the sender had no error messages and when he entering the number of my curve-card number, the app which he used recognized my number as a mastercard.

I think such a mistake/ bug could be really dangerous

Western world is not prepared to russian solutions :open_mouth:

I hope support will help you solve this!

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Which oddly enough Curve cards don’t have which is deliberate as it’s supposed to stop things like this from happening.

That would be because Curve isn’t a bank account!

Interesting, although it’s no surprise because it is a valid MasterCard card number - just the fact that it starts with a 5 indicates that it’s MasterCard so it depends how much real checking this service is doing…a Curve card is not attached to a bank account in any way. It’s designed for spending money not receiving it.

I’m led to believe it’s happened before and Support can provide a solution but only on individual transactions.

Not the first time Russia has decided not to opt for the same standard the rest of the world uses I suppose!