Partial refund for foreign tx UI confusing

Issue: (one-sentence summary)

A partially refunded foreign transaction shows potentially confusing information on the transaction screen. This can be seen as a UI bug.

The total amount shown is the amount after refund. If I try to reconcile this with a bank statement it might get confusing as there will be no transaction with that amount.

In addition, the exchange rate shown is incorrect.

How to reproduce it:

Have a foreign transaction partially refunded.


Android 11



App version:



I am seeing same issue with foreign currency online transaction partially refunded. Screenshot below. If you look at the displayed exchange rate it shows £1.00 = $10.28 ! This has never been the true GBP to USD rate.

What the app has done is taken the original (pre refund) purchase price and divided that by the final (post refund) GBP amount. What it should be doing is divide the final (post refund) USD amount by the final amount charged in GBP, this will give the true exchange rate charged.

Another point I would like to add, it would also be very convenient if the app would display how much the refund actually was, not just that it was partially refunded as this way I could actually verify the transaction against my records and be sure there were no errors/mistakes. As it is now in the above transaction whilst I know how much of a refund the merchant promised I cannot verify it was given because the app doesn’t specify this, and I can’t even calculate it myself as the app won’t give me the correct exchange rate charged.