Partial refund never came through

I was expecting a partial refund last week but it never came through.
It’s a vat refund I always get on my mastercards when I travel to a specific country spending in restaurants.

After 2 days of the transaction, I receive the refund automatically onto my card.

Now this is the first time I used Curve for this type of transaction and the refund never came through. I did change the underlying card without considering this may have been a factor.

I’ve used 3 or 4 different types of mastercard before and never had an issue.
Starling, Aqua, Monzo, Weswap etc. Always without fail I get the refund.

This time nothing with Curve.
Was it because I changed the underlying card when the refund perhaps tried to hit my account on the original card used?

When you receive a refund via Curve, it is credited to the underlying card that made the original transaction - even if you have changed the underlying card in the meantime.

One thing that Curve do - which I don’t like - is that refunds in the Curve app don’t appear as a new transaction on your timeline but that the original transaction value changes/lowers by the relevant amount.

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Good to know thanks.

I’m skeptical that the refund will ever come through now. Should have done last Wed/Thurs.

If the refund is processed as a refund to the original transaction, then it will be automatically processed. If however it’s processed as a credit, it won’t work. Curve only has an emoney license, meaning they are not permitted to credit / receive any incoming credit. Just send an email to support@ and they will figure it out and process it towards the original transaction


I believe it will come in as a credit. For example on Weswap they come in as a Refund and labelled ‘Payment’. Separate to the original transaction. (not sure if weswap is also emoney only).

Thanks I’ve sent them an enquiry in regards to the original transaction and amount I should have received as credit.

This is what Curve sends out then:
refund as the original transaction was either not made with your Curve card or has a different transaction reference than any transaction on your account.

To comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations, we need to process the refund to the original card that was charged for this transaction. Could you let me know the last four digits of the card that was used to make this transaction?

Also going forward, if you didn’t make the original transaction with your Curve, please request a refund on the card that was originally used when making making transaction."

So you are not allowed to receive credits on Curve, only (partial) refunds

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Thanks for the info. I’ll wait for their response from the help request and go from there.

Nice I see a refund has been applied to my original transaction now.

Not showing on my credit card yet so I assume that will take a while to go through.

Could you explain this?

Isn’t this still a credit? Or is it different because they’re doing due diligence checks to ensure the credit isn’t credit as much as a refund, even though processed as credit

@Curve_Marie could you perhaps see if there’s any in-depth documentation to this? I’m curious as to how refunds would ever work properly if issued unilaterally by the merchant as a separate thing.

I can’t remember exactly but I think one merchant did this with another one of my cards (might have been Revolut) and it credited to my account fine

Curve is not allowed to put any money on your account that isnt part of an original transaction.
Thats why the Curve cash is actually not in GBP but their own curve symbol, which is equivalent to 1GBP but is actually not a real currency, just e(lectronic) money.

A few merchants actually never put any money “back” as refund, but always do a new credit transaction. For example Expedia u.s., orbitz, …
When you cancel something and they give you a partial refund, they always do a new transaction as credit instead of a partial refund. Curve however is allowed to process them since you had a previous transaction with Expedia/Orbitz.
But you are not allowed by the t&c to put any money on the Curve card without a previous charge from the same merchant, meaning if you receive a credit for whatever reason (for example as compensation) without using your Curve card at that merchant, its not permitted.


Ah, my work does this as well unless it’s the full transaction amount - no idea why though!

Maybe Curve could automate this by telling us when a credit comes from and then matching it to transactions from a merchant that match - allowing us to select which one it is a partial refund for?

Can’t share in-depth documentation on internal processes :slight_smile:

I can only speculate. But here are my thoughts:
A) much easier to track for bookkeeping / accounting
B) cheaper to process with their payment processor --> I know that for a fact that some payment processor charge less fees for processing a credit than a partial refund

Would require many manhours to code such a tool, not a priority right now at HQ.
Much easier current workaround, whenever they receive a credit, they just email the customer and ask which transaction its related to.