Partial refund was instead a charge


Ive been having constant refund issues with curve for the past few months so i decided to track everything going on within my account only to fund multiple refunds were going missing constantly and the response i kept getting back was “There was an error processing the refund and it will be correct now”. If it weren’t for me noticing the missing money i doubt i would have ever got it back.

Coming up to 3 weeks now on this particular issue. I was expecting a refund of £105.95 to be paid back into my curve cash. I had a notification to say the refund i as expecting came in on the 4th August only to see it wasn’t processed as a refund. Instead of a refund of £105.95 i had a £9 charge that was classed as a partial refund but was not a refund at all, it was a £9 payment taken from my balance.

After contacting curve they tried to tell me they were able to see the refund was processed correctly and that the £9 is just a visual bug since the original transaction was £114.95 and it is displaying the difference in the original vs refunded amount. Im confused as to how they came to this conclusion because the original payment was £105.95 and NOT £115.95…

I have calculated everything that has come in and out of my curve cash account and its 100% clear the partial refund was a £9 charge. My balance comes to £0 as it should when calculated with the refund error how ever when calculating everything with the correct refund amount of £105.95 my balance is left at a total £114.95. The Refund + the £9 charge that was taken. I have tried to explain this to curve even with screenshots of everything including the calculations and they arnt listening to me. they are only going by what their system says when its been broke ever since wire card left. I dont know how else to get through to them. My tickets are not longer getting replies.

Image is attached of every payment in and out of my account. Please help.

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