Passcode = Pin?

Hey there,
Everything’s fine with Curve up untill now, but I wonder how to change my Pin, not my passcode…

The passcode for login is easy to change, but what about the Pin I need for f.e. withdrawals?

Or are they the same?

In the faqs there should be a way, but that question was answered in 2016 and does not work anymore…?


To change your card pin you would have to use a ATM.

But I do not have a physical card, only a “virtual” one…

But I think when I buy domething above 50€ (?) and wanne pay with my virtual card, it askes me for a Pin…

(I am with Curve since yesterday and did not use that before, so maybe the passcode = the Pin?)

I entered the Pin when I first installed the Curve-app. But afterwards I wanted to change the Pin…


If you forgot your PIN, you should be able to see it in the app. In the account tab, the option should be above “See Card Details”.

To change the PIN of a virtual card, I’m afraid you’ll have to ask support and ask if it’s even possible right now.

Hi @rexlouis, Welcome to the Community! :partying_face:

Your PIN and passcode are two different things. Your passcode is what you need to log in to your account but your PIN is what you need to make transactions over a certain amount or to withdraw cash.

If you have a virtual card then you don’t have a PIN. A PIN is only provided when you have a physical card and can use it in card machines. If you have a virtual card you can add it to Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay so it can be used for contactless transactions only.

Hi Hannah,
Thank you for answering.

But you mentioned it: I only have a virtual card, but sometimes over a certain amount it may ask me for a PIN.
So again: How can I change that PIN?

So if I don’t have a PIN and f.e. wanna pay at the supermarket more than that certain amount, does it ask me for a PIN that does not exist? Or for my passcode?


Assuming you are using GooglePay to pay in a store. In that case you should never be asked for a pin. I am using GooglePay to pay in physical stores for a while now and I have indeed never been asked for a pin.

If you are asked for a pin when you are using GooglePay that means that the payment terminal is running on outdated software and you should enter the pin of your payment card. But since your payment card does not have a pin, I guess you are unlucky and the only thing you can do is ask the merchant to update the software of his payment terminal.


With google pay
You simply unlock your phone
Fingerprint? No pin code

Even if the terminal asks for a pin… enter anything you want(eg 0000)
It will work

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GREAT! Thank you!
That’s what I wanted to hear! :crossed_fingers::wink:

He asked me for the pin with samsung pay in a purchase of € 150, it is in the only purchase that he has asked me, I put a pin to the invented one and it did not work

It works in case of Gpay and Applepay because of CDCVM. Don’t know if its the same case with samsungpay.

next time I try 0000, so far it has not asked me for the pin again


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