Pay a gas station using curve-crypto

Hi all,

At the gas station I paid selecting the card from the curve app.

A pre-authorization of 100.01 euros was then processed and fuel was made for only 10.01 euros. I have the printout of this amount.

Crypto scaled the total amount of 100.01 eur and I haven’t received back my money yet, despite 10 days and several emails have passed.

Crypto states that they are waiting for the release of the pre-authorization from Curve …and here my wait begins: I have written several times to Curve’s support without a real useful answer.

It is really frustrating. I need my money back !!!

Has anyone had the same problem?
Can someone help me with my issue?

Thanks a lot

Hi, I did face it yet and it’s the reason I am effraid to use Curve when pre-authorization needed. I do not know exactly how Curve work technically but I guess since it’s a card with pre authorization Curve charged 100.01€ and then should do the adujstement within x times. But from what I heard Curve is quite long to do it.

Thing is I guess Curve will not be able to improve it soon or at least outside UK. If I understood properly best way to avoid that would be for Curve to do a counter purpose for pre ahtorization of the amount on the account.

For Uk there are cards account balance but for other no news on this function.

It’s quite annoying but best option is to go to the desk to pay or to be sure to have 100x that you will not need anytime soon. Or to use a classic card ( card has also a bad management of pre-authorisation)


Hi and thank you very much for the very useful reply.

As far as I understand I think I will have to wait for one month.

By the way I still have some questionsfor this precious community:

1- Will I certainly be refunded? I guess yes otherwise my money are taken without any reason.
2- Could we say that there i NOT a correct data-flow between Curve and the linked Cards once the pre-authorization is released?
3- Since this is seems to be a weel-known issue, whty the Curve Support does not reply withan immediate solution?

I have about 100 euros blocked somewhere and I really need them :frowning:

Thanks to all for the support
Kind Regards

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Hello @diego.clm,

First off all you just need to message the Curve Support once, multiple tickets may lead your tickets to be marked as spam by the system.

Authorizations can live between 1 and 30 days, after this time the bank can reverse the authorization depending what the MCC is.

Would recommend waiting until the 14-15 day is over then reaching out to Curve if the authorization is still visible then.

Never had issues, all pre-authorizations Curve made where gone after 14 days max.

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You should get your €100 automatically after pre-authorization expires :euro:, but yes - it will take looong time. :hourglass_flowing_sand: Whenever possible I try to avoid these self-service fuel stations as well… :red_car:

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Just a tip to avoid this pre-auth problem in the future:

  1. Add your regular Credit card to Curve
  2. Select Credit card when you pay at the pump
  3. Wait 1-2 days for this transaction to settle
  4. When transaction is settled and the amount is corrected, use “Gbit = Go back in time” feature and move transaction from Credit card to your prefered Crypto/prepaid card. Works everytime and you get cashback.

Curve also has this handy “Smart Rules” feature: Just add Smart Rule to always use Credit card to all travel category transactions (which includes pay at pump gas station transactions). This way everytime you pay at the gas pump Curve will automatically charge credit card (so you don’t have to remember to select it specifically everytime), and you can later use GBiT to move transaction to your prefered payment card.

Big and timely preauth amount is very common problem with many crypto cards and many other prepaid debit cards. Preauth amounts are returned to credit cards much faster and without a problem.