Pay at Pump

Any update on using Curve at Petrol Sations like Tesco Asda PAY AT PUMP

I don’t have any issues with Pay at Pump at either Tesco or Asda. It usually takes £1 initially & then updates with the full amount later

Sorry but I don’t think I can help any more than that. I’ve only started using Curve recently & haven’t has this problem. Could it be an issue with your card?

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Thanks it usr to be a problem over the pass 2 years so I gave up using it at the pump will try my card later today

Might work in the UK, does not work in the US. It requires you to pre-pay inside for a set amount.

Originally you could not use Curve at petrol pumps but I have now do sonsuccessfully at ASDA AND tesco

Thank you will test it out soon but in the mean time because I could not use CURVE at TESCO & ASDA

so I now buy all my fuel from SHELL using the SHELL GO+ Pay at Pump

Download link:

I buy my fuel from Costco because it’s 10 to 12p per litre cheaper than other fuel stations nearby.

As in Costco stores, their petrol stations only accept American Express or debit cards (who doesn’t take Visa or Mastercard in this day and age?!?) I think it’s something to do with the US owners having done a deal that they will only accept AmEx.

Anyway, I used my Curve card (pointing towards a credit card) successfully last week, and this was a pay-at-pump style machine. Next time I go in store, I’ll check it out and see if it lets me do the same.

I wonder if this will change at all as AMEX USA/Costco USA severed their relationship last year, the UK ones are doing this too with the cobranded card being switched to a plain AMEX cashback.

Works perfect in store, used my Curve card pointed at a CC for a couple of years now without issue. Nice workaround which I hope does not get closed!

I doubt it’ll make much of a difference. In Canada, Costco only accept MasterCard, the US Visa and I believe Japan is also Amex. They seem to do their agreements on a country by country basis.

I can confirm Pay At Pump now works .used it today at ASDA