Pay with a flick of the wrist

Got a Fitbit, Garmin watch or a Wena? We have good news! UK customers can now add your Curve card to your gadget! Pay smoothly and securely with a flick of the wrist.

Customers in Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the UK can now add their Curve card to FitBit and Garmin Pay :star2:

Wena Pay is now available for French, German, Irish, Italian, and Spanish customers.

If Santa delivers a wearable this Christmas, Curve has your back. And if you’re gifting a brand new Garmin, Fitbit or Wena, Curve would be the perfect touch.

While it’s available for UK customers today, it’s the stepping stone to bringing it to all our customers


Check out this thread to learn how other community members are getting on:


Again UK only!
International when?

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Curve is Boris Johnson fan… :joy:

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I got an email stating “You can now add your Curve card to your gadget!”, however I am not based in the UK. Not that I have any of the supported hardware for which the support was announced, but I get annoyed by the inaccuracy of announcements and by the UK-centric approach of everything.
Still, I am holding my breath for Apple Pay integration, but maybe that’ll be available in a couple of years after launched in the UK… So maybe I shouldn’t, and just move on…

Genuinely impressed by this news. I’ve had a Garmin Pay compatible watch for two years now and none of my cards support it. Now all of them do :blush:, except amex.


This was great news. I am looking forward to this feature coming to the rest of the (current) EEA, as I’ve been using Revolut instead for the time being with their EEA wide support. :+1:

(It’s really handy to pay with the watch, but I’ve come to realise it’s still faster to whip out my phone.)

I was really looking forward to this addition. But I tried it and it fails to add my card every time. Support tells me it’s a known issue and they have no dates to resolve it. Support also took ages to respond.

I don’t know why Curve would go so public to launch this feature yet know it’s not working for people on fitbit.

Edit: I’ve just been able to add it today.

Hello! Today I was finally able to add my card to Fitbit Pay. I moved here from another country in December. So far I haven’t succeeded but it’s finally working and I’ve already paid for it in the US. :ok_hand:

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Amazing. Same for me. Pity support didn’t tell me via the ticket. Thanks for the heads up!

:ok_hand::wink::smiley: amazing

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I have to ask.
How many people has curve and garmin watches and how many people has apple watches and iPhones. How come you manage to integrate that there but not on the apple?

Well I’m sure a lot will come down to the provider and I can imagine Apple setting a lot more of the rules in their favour than Garmin!

FitBit and Garmin pay is now available for customers in 14 new countries, while French, German, Irish, Italian, and Spanish customers can add their Curve card to Wena Pay :rocket:

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