Paying at Post Office and no pin option

I’ve tried to pay my utility bills at the post office using my card curve which is linked to my UK debit card, however when I inserted the card into the reader the message I received was “Remove Card”. Later I used the card to make a small transaction with chip and pin and it worked fine in a supermarket.

Is there a problem with this card and the Post Office? I cannot seem to find an issue with mastercard and the Post Office.

OK I’ve googled this problem and with Monzo this happened where the post office is trying to use the money as a “withdrawal”, which of course won’t work with curve. So curve won’t work in post offices as chip and pin unless the teller will put the transaction through as payment transaction rather than a banking transaction, but I guess he/she won’t know what you are talking about.
Why some post offices are doing this is purely for the commission on banking transaction.

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