Paying HMRC with NatWest Rewards Credit Card(have Curve Metal)


I’m looking to pay HMRC by 31/1 for self employed tax, less than 10k, with a NatWest Rewards Credit Card. I was wondering if anyone else has done this, because I don’t want this transaction to be charged as a cash transaction, and thus have large percentage to pay to NatWest. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated! Thanks! Also if anyone has paid HMRC recently and not had any credit card fees could you please let me know what card you used. Thanks!

I have paid HMRC twice a year for the last few years with Curve and never had any problems using many different reward and cash back cards, but not NatWest… I think the whole point of fronted is that it isn’t charged to the underlying card as a cash transaction… If you are worried try a sample transaction of a smaller amount??

I tried smaller transactions and was charged credit card fees. So I guess NatWest Rewards Credit Card out of the picture. Can somebody please let me know what credit card they had, which they paid for HMRC self assessment, without charges, and I will get one of these(or may have this credit card at home). If I can’t find a credit card that I can’t pay HMRC/top up ISAs(with ii and A J Bell) without credit card fees, then I’m going to cancel my Curve Metal at term…I guess there will be a lot of people like me who are in the same boat. If anyone from Curve is watching is there anyway you can publish a table with credit cards that won’t currently charge for common payments like HMRC fees?

Curve know about the potential for card issuers to charge for Curve Fronted transactions but determinedly refuse to engage with the issue presumably because it undermines a major element of Curve Metal.

There’s no chance they will publish details of what cards will charge fees. There’s a whole string of emails relating to charges applied by the Virgin Atlantic MasterCard. Curve promised an update on the charges months ago but despite prompting failed to provide any information. It conveniently disappeared into the black hole of customer support and fulfilling promises which make Curve as a standout as one of the worst fintech companies in terms of customer support - in essence there isn’t any.

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Thanks for your reply. I agree totally with your thoughts. I don’t think I will be renewing my Curve Metal when the anniversary comes up, unless I can find out from someone if there is any card that can be used without cash fees being incurred…