Payment came off the wrong card

Just had the most curious thing :thinking:

I just made an online purchase and the payment didn’t come off my underlying card :thinking: it has come off a card that wasn’t selected.

I can sort this by GBiT but how odd?

As I have many cards that I use for different things I always select the card I need as my underlying card before going ahead and making the payment.

So I was quite surprised to see a random card used. I went back in and double checked and the correct card was still selected?

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Was the card, that the payment was taken from, selected as your (first) ‘anti-embarrasment’ card?


I think you have hit the nail on the head!
I didn’t think of that!
That’s what it must be although I can’t think of a reason why the underlying card was declined.

Good spot sir :grin::+1:


I think it would be nice in such cases to see little notice on transaction that anti-emb mode was used.


Great idea! :+1:

It’s clearly included in system tray notification for the transaction. :mailbox_with_mail::slightly_smiling_face: However, not in the transaction history itself, true… :open_book:

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I clearly missed that then :flushed:

Yep, another case where this idea would come in handy! Inbox in the app/the ability to access previous notifications


Agreed :grin::+1: have added my vote.

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