Payment declined - and booked by Curve anyway

I was at “Netto Markendiscount” this morning and wanted to pay with Curve (DinersClub).
The payment with curve was declined. Display show: declined.
( So I paid with my American Express )
To my surprise, the amount was booked on my Curve and Diners Club card despite the rejection.
Totally crazy.
Does that happen often?
I wrote an email to support in the hope that this would be corrected.

Same happened to me this morning in the Czech Republic.
Two different merchants, local travel authority and a bakery.
Both times my underlying card was charged but the transaction showed as failed due to insufficient balance.
Using the card itself worked, the transactions processed with no issue.

Messaged support, no reply as of yet.

Would like an ETA on a fix as it’s clearly an issue with Curve itself and not isolated to a particular merchant.

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Hey both, I’m looking into this for you now. I see there’s been an increase of support tickets raised on this subject and our engineering team are looking into the problem currently. I’ll be in touch again once they’ve gotten to the bottom of the issue and we have an estimated timeframe for a resolution. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Thanks for the update, Joel.

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Thank you for your feedback