Payment DECLINED and still charged after tonight's Curve issue!

All those that had declined payments this evening during the outage.

Check your account!

My other half was declined twice at Lidl and yet payment has gone through and I had 3 declined payments for the same amount and that’s gone though! I paid using my AMEX card in the end.

So a £20 sale has cost us £120

She has sent an email to support and mine will follow.

Check your accounts folks!

The funds will automatically get refunded to your card within 14 days if no transaction is settled by Lidl (which it won’t if it was declined). In many instances, Curve also often instantly issues a refund but it can take a day or so for your bank to process it.


Yes, nothing to panic. Transactions will automatically drop off the card as always in the past.


@Canadianspruce @Canadianspruce

Thank you both.

This has not happened to me or the other half before so it’s a little worrying.

Appreciate you letting me know :+1:

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Yes this happened to me . My card was declined using Apple Pay I then used my curve card and it was accepted. Problem was I was charged for the declined transaction.
I was refunded in about two days after contacting support

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That’s great to hear you were refunded so quickly :grin: I am still waiting for my refund.

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