Payment declined - but had anti-embarrassment set

Today (at 13:03), I was trying to make a payment over the phone using my Curve card, but the payment was declined: even though I had a backup card selected in the “anti-embarrassment mode” settings. I therefore had to make the payment using my primary “underlying card” (an MBNA issued Visa credit) which worked without a problem.

I’ve therefore got three questions:

  1. Why was this transaction declined? I’ve checked and the expiration/card number set matches the physical underlying card and a later transaction (at 14:06) went through without problems.
  2. Could more information about the reason for decline be included in the app (instead of just “Declined. Try another card to complete the transaction”)
  3. Why did the anti-embarrassment mode not work?

Possible reasons why underlying card(s) is/are declined (and so indirectly why Anti-Embarrassment mode might not have worked):

If none of those are applicable, please contact Curve support, since this is a user community we don’t have access to your account so can’t see what caused this.

In the past this was even worse and someone opened an idea to improve this:

But the idea was closed because Curve made some improvements:


Anti-embarrassment mode works only if your underlying card is declined (e.g. insufficient funds :money_with_wings:), then backup card is used. :euro: If Curve Card :credit_card: is declined itself by merchant :no_entry:, as it looks is your case because you were then able to pay with your primary underlying card directly :money_mouth_face:, anti-embarrassment won’t help. :deaf_man:

Was this transaction among those not permitted under Curve terms of use for example Money orders?

My card was declined, all transaction are rejected. I have available funds, the Embarrassment Mode is turned on. I do not get any message from curve.


Same for me in france, I’ve “declined” payments with Fortuneo, Boursorama and BforBank (french banks)
From time it works, from time it doesn’t work.
I’m speaking about payment with Samsung Pay and Curve.
Even Anti-embarrassment mode doesn’t work.
Waiting that Curve service becomes more robust, in france.


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I’ve since been in touch with Curve, and their customer service rep said it was actually declined due to invalid security (CVV) code. It would have been so helpful if the app had reflected the real reason why it declined instead of making it look like an underlying card issue.

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Agree I had that issue before too when a new underlying card was issued and I’d forgotten to update in the app - would definitely be helpful if that was flagged.

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