Payment declined, still got charged

My card was just declined two times in a row, in two different grocery stories, and one of the declined payments even got charged, so I ended up paying twice, with my Curve, and with an alternative card! This is very worrying and makes me not want to use my Curve card ever again.

The money will be automatically refunded and you can speed up the process by sending the decline receipts to Customers Support.

FAQs - Spending with your Curve

What do I do with a declined transaction that I was still charged for?

Declined transactions may appear on your statements when Curve is not updated after a merchant or retailer declines your transaction or the transaction fails.

This happens occasionally, but you will not lose your money. Because the merchant or retailer will not collect the payment, the amount will be refunded automatically after 10 days. You can have the refund processed earlier if you send us evidence of the decline via The refund will be reflected in your funding account 2-3 working days after being processed.

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This happens all the time and is something that friends and I using curve have noticed is increasing. I now no longer carry or use curve after this happened with a £300 transaction and I had to chase and chase to have it reversed.

Indeed! Mine was a rather large transaction as well, €80 ish. That balance is now then locked and unusable for 10 days? Not good at all! How long did it take to get your money back?

Sorry to hear that and thank you for letting us know. The Engineering Team will investigate what’s going on and how we can resolve this issue and improve the process. (Cc: @Space)

I couldn’t wait for ten days, £300 is too much to be without so I tweeted and called providing screenshots of the decline (it was online) via Twitter. I haven’t used the card since and don’t plan to.

Me neither, this is honestly a deal breaker. Being locked out of your money for up to 10 days is unacceptable. I hate how they automatically send everyone a Commercial card as well. My card keep getting declined, and I have a feeling this is because certain stores refuses to accept Commercial cards.

This has been resolved.