Payment declined

I received a “payment declined” message tonight. To complete the transaction, I should select a different card in the app. I did too, but nothing has changed. what am I doing wrong ???

Hi, I have the same no matter which card I choose and I have money on it. I also can’t pay curve cash to revolut

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I would try uninstalling the Curve app, turn your phone off for 5 mins and then reinstall the app. Sometimes when your phone receives background updates or changes etc it can cause cache issues in the software which can be non related to say the Curve app itself.

If this does not make any difference then of course contact Curve support.

Hope this helps.

Have replied with my thoughts to the above post so as not to keep repeating the same reply :+1:

unfortunately it still doesn’t work. i can’t pay i can’t top up revolut. I close my account as soon as I get my money back

Be patient. Curve is a fintech company. Though I know things like this can be really frustrating.

I had a similar problem 2 days ago and had to use one of my underlying cards directly.

One of them actually declined the transaction which I believe was due to some card verification/MCC by the merchant and the issuer’s fraud detection system flagging it and another card worked fine.

In this case, my issue was due to card verification/fraud detection checks of the merchant’s system and either Curve or the underlying card (Curve translates the incoming transaction and probably modifies some parameters like the MCC, sometimes) declining the checks due to diverging information.

For Revolut, for example, I figured that a few issuers decline transactions - I have only one card working smoothly for top-ups.

Back to your case… If the underlying cards always worked directly and Curve declined multiple merchants already, I‘d contact the support and also your issuer to check if they flagged Curve (happened to me once that their security system declined Curve entirely).
Otherwise, if it‘s only this one merchant, it might be one of those problematic cases I had. Raising an issue to the support could help them trying to figure out what went wrong and hopefully fixing it. However, in such a case I believe the short-term solution will be using your underlying card directly.

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