Payment - deducted twice for one payment


Can anyone from Curve team explain me why two weeks old payment deducted from one card was now deducted once again on my second card?

I dont know what is happening but deducting one payment twice and after two items?!

Thank you for reaching out to me as soon as possible!

Contact customer service in the app, they will help you like they did mine a couple of months ago.

You experienced something like this? In Curve it’s saying that the first payment was refunded but nothing like that happened

Yes there was an error from the payment provider at the retailer I purchased from. Curve refunded one of them and it was back in my bank in a couple of days.

Ok, i hope that it will be the same situation with me… curve app said that it got refunded like a week ago but the payment was deducted from my other card just now.

Hello @tomas_el,

Not sure what’s happening either as it shouldn’t occur. For any questions about your own Curve card, app, and transactions you have to contact our Customer Support team. They have the expertise and system access to help you out :slight_smile: