Payment Failed on MBNA and Virgin Money

Hi all

I have made several attempts recently to pay MBNA and Virgin Money using my Metal card.

Every time in the past month it fails, thus removing the benefit of the Curve Fronted.

Anyone else have these issues recently?

Hey @jbharier, sorry for missing this. Firstly, welcome to the Community!

Have you double checked that you have Curve Fronted toggled on? The default setting is ‘off’ so you need to make sure to manually turn it on. If so, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team at so they can take a look at your account.

Hi Hannah

Thanks for the reply.

I have always had Curve Fronted switched on and have made these transactions regularly until recently when it stopped working.

I spoke to MBNA and Virgin Money this evening and they see no reason why the payment wouldn’t go through…

Anyone else having this issue?

I had a Virgin money transaction fail on Saturday via my Curve card. I then tried the same transaction directly with the virgin card and went through fine.

@jbharier hmm strange that they were going through previously and now aren’t. Seeing as you’ve already checked with MBNA and Virgin Money I’d get in touch with our team next. It could be something simple that they can sort for you!

@nelsonjd76 I’d also recommend getting in touch with our team so they can check your account.

I have already made contact with your team who told me to contact the CC provider.