Payment isn't going through

Why are my payments getting declined even though I got money on my main account. It keep declining everytime. I have talk with curve customer and still nothing, they keep telling me you don’t have enough funds when I clearly do, tbh at this point I have gotten so frustrated to the point that I wanna leave curve.
Has anyone had this issue?

Declines – Curve ( :grimacing:

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Tried everything but nothing works.

Check with the bank of the underlying card, maybe they are blocking Curve

Have you tried selecting a different underlying card to make sure that’s not causing the problem? If no better with that then you’ll need to contact

Yeah I have actually and it ain’t working… Just a few weeks back this started to happen I didn’t pay to much attention to it but lately is getting declined all the time. I contacted Curve customer support all I got from them: You don’t have enough funds on your account. No help or even try at all. I have contacted my bank and waiting on there response! I have jad a metal card subscription almost 2 years now ( I think) Lately has gotten so bad i can’t even pay my metal card subscription.

I have contacted them, waiting on their response!

Can depend on the transaction type and card issuer too. Some may apply more restrictive cash advance limits rather than the usual purchase ones to some transactions too - not sure if you’ve tried different retailers and amounts?

Mine don’t go through then it booted me out the app and now says my password to get in the app is wrong, send a support request merely a week ago and have had nothing back resulting in me being unable to use my curve metal at all.

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fyi “insufficient funds” is among the general decline reasons. Many banks just send that decline reason when they block the transaction. So Curve can’t tell you more than the decline reason the bank sent, thats why asking the bank of the underlying card is good. Also to make sure they lift the block so all future transactions go through.

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My tsb cards did have auto blocking a fraud measure tsb uses and curve isn’t use of the card directly and as it’s online it’s an issue many banks and providers block curve until you tell them to deal with it on their system my KBC Ireland card had declines when I used curve and whilst on the phone to the fraud team about it I was told to do transaction they noticed the decline and did changes on the system and now no declines for that reason only declines I get is if I don’t have funds

I spoke with my current bank! Things are better now! I haven’t had any declines, everything has been going smoothly!