Payment refused after restart service

Since Curve restart the service, I’m experiencing some problems with my Curve card. Some merchants( PDQ machines), where I payed with no problems before, now are declining the transactions (contactless or chip&pin).

Could be worth trying locking and unlocking your card to see if that helps? Have you tried different underlying cards, just in case? Failing that then you’ll need to email I’m afraid.


I tried to lock and unlock the card and use different cards but with no success.
It looks like that Curve change something with the new provider.
I wrote three times to Curve support but they didn’t reply.

Hey I (and a number of others) had the same problem initially with the Spanish supermarket Mercadona. It self resolved after a few days. I’m not exactly sure how the payment systems work for merchants but perhaps the same will happen for you. What retailers are you having problems with?

Several between private and company like off license, supermarket, pubs.
It’s really annoying and the strange thing is that before the issue with Wirecard, Curve was working properly.

Sorry to hear that - if no reply after 48h or so and the card is totally non-functional then I would suggest calling the number on the back of the card.

It depends, I cannot say that in not working at all.
In ten transactions, five or six are KO, the others are ok.
I will call the customer care if I’ll not get any answer from Curve.

I’m having the same problems, even Netflix won’t take it nor AirBnB. Also taxi services I use such as Bolt and Yandex.

I had a call with the customer service a few minutes ago, they suggest to uninstall and reinstall the app. I’ll try to do so and I hope that this will fix the problem.

I don’t think it will but please let me know

How should it help?

I don’t see it will hep

Sound like standard
Try to reinstall

I can confirm this doesn’t work - just as expected

I had similar problem with the card not working. Today I tried to unlock the region lock on my underlying card and Curve started to work again. My guess is that wirecard considered the transactions as local while the “fixed solution” considers the transactions somewhere in Europe, UK maybe (I don´t live in UK)?
Would be good if Curve can fix this since you loose the extra security of region lock just to be able to use curve.

My underlaying card see the curve as online payment
Not local payment

Just an update; I had this issue and £1500 of funds were “held” due to failed transactions. I then discovered that I couldn’t use my card at all but, Curve didn’t know why the previous failure happened and said they’d let me know.

Apple Pay still worked but I noticed yesterday that the issue had gotten worse so called this morning - the issue was I needed to complete verification.

This was never communicated to me except by me making context.

If I didn’t call and get help today, I’d have no idea as neither did the Curve agents looking into my issue.

Now, my card is suspended because they can’t verify documents at the weekend…despite most businesses now doing it electronically and instantly (in the U.K., at least).

I love Curve as a product but they’re so bad at communication and it’s genuinely as if they hold customers in contempt, especially if the issue is inconvenient.

Ok weird, cause my underlying card is unlocked for online payment and only started to work as I unlocked Europe transactions.

I’m experiencing similar problem with Curve Card.
Apple Pay is working, but not online/in store payments.

I didn’t receive the “rejected” notification at all (so Curve support can’t debug the problem). The payments just fails. Are you receiving notifications when payments fail?

No I didn’t either except the very first few. After that, nothing.

Give them a call and see if you need to verify your documents but be warned, it’s a slow process and they really don’t care.


I uninstalled and installed the app and it works again as usual!

Same card totally dead and useless locking unlocking doesn’t help deleting and reinstalling app doesn’t help. Removing reading cards doesn’t help. No response from chat or emails what so ever other than after 4/5 days to say they will look in to it (two weeks ago).