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On the Curve support site, you can find this article:

I think it is out of date. Paypal totally refuses to change the default currency of a card, i tried by email, phone, many many times for months. They send me back to Curve every time. So when I buy something with paypal in € (I live in Belgium), paypal automatically converts it to GBP with a thief conversion rate. I know that there is an extra steps on the purchase screen to change the currency each time, but it is not always possible.

Why this article is still online if it’s not possible to do it ? Has anyone already succeeded in asking paypal to do it?

PayPal have charged my purchase in the wrong currency

If you find that PayPal is charging your Curve card in the wrong currency, don’t worry! You can change your payment options in PayPal to always pay for a transaction in the currency that the vendor is selling in.

So, if you’re using your Curve card with an EUR card selected as your underlying payment card, and you’re making an EUR transaction, PayPal will charge you in EUR.

You can set this option by contacting PayPal here.

Still an option to change currency

PayPal always offers you to convert the currency, but you can refuse it and ask it to pay in the local one. But usually you have to do it every time. Few times I forgot to decline the PayPal exchange and I regretted, but usually I select the option to be charged in the local currency.

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Yes paypal give the option to change currency
And with payment like ebay, you can set it to use the card currency every time

It hidden away
But the setting are there

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What I want is something final. Looking at the paypal support, we find that (see below). As I understand it, we contact paypal support by requesting a final change of currency of the card. But they refuse, even though it is on their site.,to%20use%20for%20your%20card

Can I have my card charged in a different currency?

When you add a credit card to your PayPal account, it’s automatically registered in your local currency. This is our standard procedure as your card issuer doesn’t inform us what the actual currency is.

If you usually send your payments in the same foreign currency, you can avoid conversion costs if your card is denominated in the currency of the transactions you make.

To update the currency we use to charge your credit card, add a currency card to your PayPal account, and email or call us with the following information:

  • the last four digits of your card number
  • the currency you want to use for your card

Until we update the currency for your card, please complete the following additional steps when you send a payment:

  1. Click Other Conversion Options on the Review Your Payment page.
  2. Choose Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice . Select this option to ensure that your credit card is charged in the currency you want.

When you choose this option, you won’t know which foreign exchange rate has been applied to the transaction until you receive your card statement. Your card issuer will determine the foreign exchange rate to apply to the transaction.


The same problem has been reported by an Italian user, and has solved! I’ll link the post. But you have to translate it. :slight_smile:

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You can disable DCC for each card individually in the payment settings. Then it’s ALWAYS disabled for all purchases

It has already been discussed :speech_balloon: in different topic:

If you change this setting in your PayPal account, then your card will always be charged in correct currency by PayPal. :money_mouth_face:

I know I can change this option for my automatic payment. but it is not a final solution. I have to do it for every new seller.

The main reason of my topic : if you listen to the curve support. We just need to contact paypal so that the card is flagged in EUR and no longer in GBP. It’s not correct. they refuse.

UPDATE : Today, I received a response from paypal regarding one of my many emails. They contacted me by phone and therefore changed the currency of my card from GBP to EUR. Which is the best solution. Now when I pay I no longer have this conversion request at all.

So, the curve support site is correct, But you really have to be lucky to come across someone competent at paypal.

Thanks for all your reply.


This is not the case for me.
I have disabled DCC in my paypal settings for all cards, I never get asked again.

The setting used to be here:

PayPal is always changing their design to hide the settings over and over again.
Sometimes its only visible when switching PayPal to a different language.

No, you don’t have to. :no_entry: Almost all my cards are in CZK :czech_republic: and when I change this setting, I always get charged in original currency (both for automatic and individual payments) :moneybag::slightly_smiling_face: and not in CZK with PayPal’s bad exchange rate. :currency_exchange::money_with_wings::flushed: The same goes for Curve Card which gets charged in original currency and not in GBP as well… :+1:

Changing my card’s currency from CZK to e.g. EUR wouldn’t help me as some of my payments are in EUR, others in USD, GBP… :euro::dollar::pound::thinking:

Yes I tried with different languages and a VPN, I don’t have this option. But let’s forget that now, everything works thanks to the support that finally made the change.

Paypal is not on the payment list

I had a similar issue. After receiving the new investors card and using Curve in my Paypal account I typically was charged in GBP and not in EUR (living in Germany here). I also tried different ways to change this. For subscriptions or recurring payments I could change this on Paypal side mostly. „mostly“ because at the end even that not worked for all of the subscriptions. So for instance my Apple subscription plan was still being charged in GBP without any way to change it. (I paid with Paypal because Apple refused the card. Today I think it was refused because it was in a different currency then my home address. The new card after that fixed this problem as well and I could pay directly with the Curve card - as I wanted). Paypal refused for me to change it on their side after contacting their support and redirected me to Curve as responsible provider in that. I also contacted Curve like two times until they noticed that I have been issued a GBP+commercial card. They replaced the card with a private EUR one. This card now behaves exactly like the card I retrieved before the card replacement which means everything is fine now. At amazon, paypal and other shops I am charged correctly in EUR and there is no need for any manual or hickhack conversion setting anymore. Maybe you could also ask or let them (Curve) check if you have been issued a wrong card type.

Yes i used to have a commercial Card since 2017 but when i upgraded to metal, i asked for a personal one. I don’t know in wich country you are but it’s seems that your card BIN is in EUR. I have a UK BIN because it’s the only one for metal card.

If you have PayPal OneTouch they don’t even ask the currency. It just charge on default card corrency, and my Curve card by some random reason Curve didn’t really explain was US Dollar.

And when I made my purchase there was no warning or options to choose currency at all.

I understand that, and yes, PayPal makes great efforts to hide the conversion options so you will pay the ridiculous overhead they introduce in the currency exchange rates, but no one can blame Curve for this. If the PayPal’s article linked by Curve explaining how to choose the currency to use is outdated, the only thing Curve maybe should do is add a disclaimer saying something like “this is what we now at this date”, that’s all.

I don’t blame Curve at all. And i can say that is correct.

Like i said before: “So, the curve support site is correct, But you really have to be lucky to come across someone competent at paypal.”


I blame Curve because their cards have not european number or they have an european card number and don’t solve this with PayPal.

Shouldn’t be the users taking the burden. PayPal and Curve that resolve their issues!

Well… The Curve cards come with a UK bin. As far as I know, the UK is still a part of Europe.

What you would like, and me as well, is a local BIN so that the card appears to be a domestic one when used at home.
Not all merchants accept foreign cards “because the higher risk of fraud” as they say…