PayPal Business Debit Card UK persistently failing since end of Jan 21


Has anyone else with a PayPal Business Debit Card in the UK been experiencing non-stop declines for “pre-auth” since end of January? I am also noticing that for every transaction I do using the PayPal Debit Card directly, it’s triggering a faulty 3DS procedure where despite offering authorizing via app it will never work, so you have to login to PayPal via a PC each time to get a code. In addition, the 3DS is coming up for every transaction, not just the occasional and is what I presume is causing the declines with Curve.

I’ve tried contacting PayPal about this since end of January, and been on their case every day since and I have yet to hear back from their Debit Card team 22 days later.

Wasn’t sure if anyone else was facing the same issues with Curve with this card?



Same problem here in Italy. Still waiting for an answer from curve support…

I spoke to curve about this over chat around 1st Feb, and they sent me various screenshots showing the decline was being done at PayPal’s end. While they seem to allow the card to be added, the “repeat” transactions are being refused at “preauth” with an error code of “2000 - Do Not Honour”.

This is really an issue PayPal Business Debit Card needs to resolve - but they are unresponsive which is very frustrating.

My initial problem was error “404”, then I removed and added the card again now I get “Preauth on new card wasen’t authorized”. My last transaction with that card has been done the 23rd Jan… since 27th I have the error…
I fear that paypal may have blocked payments to curve in some way

Yeah it seems PayPal have blocked it via an overzealous 3DS system I suspect, however PayPal have still not responded in over a month. Quite ridiculous!

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I think Curve is investigating this because I haven’t received a response from them for over a month

I’m dealing with Paypal (France for me) since one month too.

The issue start for me the 6 january.

I’m having the same problems since January. Have you had any response from Paypal support? I suspect Paypal are possibly blocking it to stop manufactured spending (transferring between PayPal accounts using Curve with underlying PP business debit card to earn cashback).

Nothing at all - I did get someone on PayPal twitter recommend marking the card as damaged/lost and getting a new card where you can re-set the verification settings on payments. Not sure how much substance that holds, and will probably give that ago tomorrow after I make one last large payment for the cashback.

Other than that, no, all my emails and my open chat since end of January remain unanswered. It feels like the card is unsupported.

I do note that using the PayPal card directly I am being asked to do 3DS verification for almost every transaction, and suspect this is a big part of it.


Thanks for the update, if you do get anywhere with PayPal please let me know!
The 3DS is a good point, I have the same on most transactions. Could well be the reason.

Been having the same issue since Jan. No choice but to use the PayPal card directly instead defeating the purpose of Curve!

Just a quick update - I followed the advice PayPal twitter gave me (because my emails and chat with the debit card team still remains unanswered), and got a new card sent out. It didn’t ask me verification steps, and the issue still persists on Curve and other providers.

So very very frustrating.

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I tried to contact paypal by phone, they say they don’t see any of the transactions refused via curve…
definitively I believe that paypal has blocked the service (I’m not even too sure it’s legal)…

I can never get connected to the Business Debit Card team when I call, they tell me they only work via chat, and they haven’t responded to my chat which remains active since end of January. Very ridiculous.

NOW it’s working! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Same for me.
It’s working again since today for me.

Working for me too. I do wonder if it was PayPal or Curve that made any changes.