PayPal Pay in 3 (BNPL) transaction declined

Has anyone used the PayPal Pay in 3 feature? It’s their BNPL offering.
I tried to do so this afternoon and the transaction was declined by Curve.
When I asked customer service they said that ‘non-financial institution purchases are blocked by Curve as they are considered high-risk’.
It’s frustrating as I went through a credit check to get to this point and Curve declined the transaction. They could ask me to validate the transaction to reduce the severity.
I’ve used Curve before with Klarna so I don’t see what the fuss is about with PayPal.


Yep same problem, I’ve even tried to make payments with my Curve card to make a payment to my PayPal credit account (with an underlying debit card) and it always gets declined. I forget to switch over from Curve sometimes and get the decline messages. I had the same response also from Curve something to do with high risk and not dealing with PayPal, however I can make payments to third parties through PayPal. It’s an unusual problem. Be good to get some clarity from Curve as to what the actual problem is and whether it will ever be resolved.

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