PayPal problema

Buongiorno a tutti, vorrei un’informazione, ho effettuato 2 acquisti on line con la carta curve alla quale ho associato una carta fineco, a sua volta la carta curve l’ho inserita nel l’account paypal, in questi due acquisti sembrerebbe ci sia una piccola percentuale di spesa trattenuta da curve o PayPal. Qualcuno sa qualcosa?

Hey @Mikge, welcome back to the Community!

This might be because Paypal is processing your transactions in the incorrect currency which results in a bad exchange rate. You can check out how to fix this in the FAQ here.

Please let us know if this seems to be the issue or if there seems to be a different cause. :grin:

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Ciao, sull’app PayPal risulta l’importo giusto, sull’app curve risulta tassare, la valuta è impostata su correttamente su euro

Potresti postare uno screenshot per favore?

Thanks. But I don’t see any added fee. Why do you think there is one?

La spesa riguarda l’abbonamento a Google da 1.99 €

As @Curve_Joel was suggesting the currency you have selected in PayPal is wrong. Now PayPal is doing a conversion (at a poor rate) from € to £ and Curve is converting it again from £ to € to your underlying card. You should set your Curve card in PayPal to €.

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Ho impostato tutto su euro

You mean you did now, after reading the advice in our community?
Because the fact the £ amount is showing in the Curve app for this € transaction means the Curve card in PayPal was recognised as a £ card and was not set to € manually at the time. This is what happened:

By PayPal €1,99 → £1,73
By Curve £1,73 → €2,09

@Mikge dai un occhio anche a questa discussione Help non funziona ho proposto una soluzione nel caso in cui non dovessi riuscire ad impostare la valuta della Curve su PayPal in EUR.