PayPal Refund – Credit card will be charged twice


haha, It is like in this San Andreas meme “Ah sh*t, here we go again” )

First time was C2C and now Paypal

My Curve card is linked to PayPal. I bought something and after few hours I returned it = Refund! PayPal transferred it back to the Curve card. Of course it didn’t arrive, BUT it was debited again)

Now I have “lost” the money twice again ))

Support is contacted.

I read somewhere here that it will be transferred back as GBP at some point and will be on the card as a credit (Curve-Points, what ever). But if there are problems with PayPal, why not make a warning in the curve-app?

Thx & <3

Have you tried to contact PayPal?

Has nothing to do with the matter. Paypal did his job right. They sent the refund back to the card.

But I tried. There is no way to contact Paypal because everything was done correctly, according to the system.

Hey Zalthor! Sorry to hear that, we aren’t currently having any issues with PayPal. Your refund should be returned to your original payment card unless it can’t be matched to a transaction, in which case it will arrive in your Curve Cash. If you’ve been in touch with our support team they’ll be sure to take a look into this debit for you and get it fixed!