Paypal refund to no longer existing Curve Black Card (I now have Metal)


I received a refund yesterday from Ryanair to my PayPal account. The problem is, that PayPal automatically refunded me this amount to my previous Curve Black card. Unfortunately, this card is no longer valid as I have replaced it with Curve metal.

What happens now and what should I do?

PayPal says:

“Welcome to PayPal Messaging *****. My name is ******.

I understand your concern regarding the refund processed to old card. Not to worry, I will assist you further.

Upon verifying your account, I could see that your original funding source was the card ending with 07, hence your refund is processed to the same card. When a refund is sent to an expired or cancelled card the money will still go back to the account for that credit card. Please allow up to 30 days from the date of the refund for the money to appear.
It’s always good to have a confirmed bank and cards on the account. Since the card registered on the account is not confirmed, kindly go ahead and confirm it to transact without any hassles in future payments. You can refer the article ‘How do I add and confirm my debit or credit card for use on PayPal?’ on the below link:”

You should contact support at the usual channels, but from previous answers by the Curve team, it should not matter: Curve should receive your refund either way.

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