PayPal transfer

I transferred a payment from my PayPal account today and got a message from PayPal to say the money should be in my account. But several hours later there is still no sign of it. How long should this take?

In some cases it can take the better part of an entire day.

If you transferred from Paypal to your regular bank account, it might take a while. I’ve done it a few times in Sweden, and it usually takes 2-3 banking days.

It’s showing on my card now but in the curve cash option, with no way to withdraw to my bank account. Is there a way to do this?

Top-up your paypal balance or top-up your Revolut account (if you have one), then send it from either of those places to your bank account at your normal bank.

How long did it take for you?

Hey guys, sorry for missing this. @MichaelM we don’t recommend that you transfer money to your Curve card as we’re not a bank and your card technically can’t hold funds. You transfer probably landed in your Curve Cash as we would have received it as a refund and couldn’t match it to any transaction.

You can’t move Curve Cash to a payment card yet but our team are working on this feature at the moment.

Yeah I’ve done the same
But now that I have sent the money to my curve card will it come into my balance or will it get refunded to my PayPal

Oh ok how long did it take you

Opening post was made on the 11th of August 21.49h (OP mentioned already waiting for a couple of hours).
Post that money is in Curve cash on 12th of August 16.21h.

Oh ok thank you so will it only be transferred on working day?