Paypal withdrawal

I transferred money from my paypal account into my curve. I then got an email from paypal confirming the transfer, but the money still hasn’t arrived in my curve account. It has been around 43 hours, how long should it take?

Hello @mdotty, welcome to the community! :smiley:

As Curve is not a bank, we do not advise anyone to transfer or withdraw money from PayPal, Trading212, etc. However, if you do, there are 2 possible outcomes:

  1. The withdrawal or transfer will likely be seen as a refund. If this happens, our system will try to match it to an already made transaction. But there is usually no matching transaction and then the amount is processed for Curve Cash.

  2. The withdrawal or transfer is viewed as a credit. If this happens, our system will not allow it to go through and it should bounce back to PayPal/Trading212. This is less common, but it can still happen.

Either way, it will usually take 2-3 days for the amount to reach Curve and then it’s best to get in touch with support so they can check what happened.


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