PDF Receipts


Can you please consider allowing the app to send a PDF receipt in an email rather than just an email.

I often use the curve receipt function to claim back expenses but I have to upload PDF receipts to our system. So, when I click email receipt I then have to print the email as a PDF. It would be much easier (and presumably not very difficult) to facilitate the option to select receipt by PDF.

Many thanks.

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Hey @ms2005!
Completely understand the ease. Will pass this onto the relevant team to consider. :+1:

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I think is a good idea and sometimes a PDF is just easier to work with.

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This is one of those things where there is nothing to consider, just bring it on - its useful for everyone. :two_hearts:

I was about to make a request about that but as a good member :innocent: I tried search first and here it is.
I believe that it is really easy to implement this compared to other stuff and it’s absolutely necessary it’s kinda ugly to use as receipt a printed email.

Please consider this.