Pending - at the Pump (again)


Slightly different to the normal “pending” question?

I have a pending charge after fueling at Sainsbury’s - pay-at-the-pump. This time the pending charge is showing (combined as a single-tranction) the pending amount of £100 with the actual amount filled of £46, so £146.

I’ve never had this before, I usually just see the (larger) pending amount, which eventually reverts to the actual spend. Is this normal, should I keep an eye on it?


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Last time I had a pay at the pump transaction (about one and a half week ago), my transaction showed exactly like this in my Curve app. On my underlying the actual amount filled showed as pending.
Next day both on the Curve app as on the underlying card the actual amount paid showed finalized.

Thanks for the info.

The only difference, so far, to your transaction - my underlying is showing both the pending and the actual amount (two-transactions).

Hey Mike, sorry to hear this transaction is displaying differently than to pay at pump transactions usually do. I’d recommend popping a message to the customer experience team through the in-app chat just in case an error has occurred with this transaction. Otherwise, the pre-authorisation should drop off of your account at any moment now that you’ve been charged for the final amount.

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Joel, I will do as you suggest, but shall wait a few days to see if it sorts itself out.

Since my last post the pre-auth. has now dropped off the underlying card and just the actual amount is showing (still as pending).

The Curve-app still has the combined total.



Thanks for the update Mike, that sounds like a good plan. As you note, this may just be a display error in the Curve app if the transaction has been resolved correctly with your bank.

Joel, Quick update - everything resolved itself overnight; Cashback, underlying card etc., so all good.

Yeah it’s the new pay at the pump rule they will try to take £100 as security I’m not feeling that so I suggest that you pay at the counter because all petrol stations I believe are doing it

@ksean007 I’m aware of the “£100” rule, but I thought it just encompasses the actual amount used - not in addition to it?

Hi Mac I’m not sure if they’ve changed the rules which they may have secretly done but I avoid using this payment option because it’s a disaster waiting to happen either that or curve card holders are being charged differently which could possibly be the case either way I would stick with paying for what you use at the pump as apposed to the get now pay later choice :+1:t5:

They don’t “take” anything. It’s just an amount that is temporarily reserved.

Drivers across the country have been left seething with anger after having £99 withheld from their account after choosing for pay for petrol at the pump.

The system, called a ‘pre-authorisation check’ came into force a while ago and aims to clamp down on fuel theft and stop drivers from putting more fuel in their vehicles than they can afford.But the issue has now come back into sharp focus as many are struggling to make ends meet due to rising the rising cost of living are finding supermarkets are reserving up to £100 from their accounts for 48 hours after they’ve put fuel costing much less in their tank.

And one Leicestershire Sainsbury customer said the practice left him embarrassingly unable to pay for his shopping after his card was declined.

As you can see John if most people would avoid using this payment option this would significantly help with not having to go through embarrassing situations like this, the old system used to check that you had some money in your account and allow you to fill up to £100 but since some people used the system to their advantage knowing that they didn’t have enough to cover the amount they changed the system to hold the funds upfront which is costly, just do the old fashion pay at the counter is still the best option :+1:t5:

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