Pending or not?

In Curve app under cards, charges are shown as pending hours after actual purchase. But if you look under Timeline, the same charge is not pending. If you open the charge under Timeline, it’s not possible to go back in time, so its pending even that its shown as transacted.

I have now three pending charges, two of them under the underlying card, but in the Timeline they are shown as transacted.

The third charge is under Cash Card, it shows pending, but also pending under Timeline. Thats correct?

Is it the Timeline that shows wrong the transactions with underlying cards?

Or is the Transaction made in time, but it’s still shown as pending under the card, and affects the app, disabeling go back in time.

One of the charges from the underlying was made hours ago, an it’s still pending, but it was charged from my bank immediatly.

Yes, I noticed this too. IMO, its a bug. Both sections should display same status.