Pending payment or actual payment?

So I am finding this confusing. If I want to add Curve as a payment card to Tesco + apparently the card is verified with a £2 authorisation.

Does the £2 authorisation stay as a pending transaction on the underlying card or does it actually go through as an actual payment that needs to be refunded?

Usually, it’ll charge the underlying card and then when presentment comes and the transaction drops, Curve (logically) should drop it from the underlying card

So, does it stay as a pending payment on the underlying card or is it actually charged to the card and then needs refunding?

Usually there’s some time between authorization and an actual charge by Curve. If the original transaction is refunded within that period (1-2 days), there will be no charge and the authorization will be dropped. Sometimes Curve might charge your underlying card while the original transaction is still pending. Then, you will be issued a refund. It really depends on a specific scenario. With long periods of pending, such as car rentals, you should be prepared for a charge+refund.

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Thanks for the more detailed reply. So if my underlying card is charged does the refund happen automatically, or do I have to go chasing after it?

It’s supposed to happen automatically within 5 business days (usually 1-2 days, though).

Thank you very much. That is crystal clear now. Cut-off date for the underlying card is tomorrow, so I guess I will wait and it should all happen on next months billing cycle. :slight_smile: