Pending purchases cannot go back in time

I just made a purchase, and wanted to move it to another card. When I try, I get a message saying “Pending purchases cannot go back in time”.

Is this a deliberate new restriction? I’ve always been able to immediately move transactions in the past without waiting for them to be finalised.

This restriction makes the go back in time feature so inconvenient that it’s almost useless. I now have to remember to come back in several days (or more) time and move the transaction. It takes away the ability to pay and then decide what card to charge.

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Since GbiT was released I was never able to move a pending transaction.

Weird. That’s literally how I’ve always used it, within minutes of the original transaction. Never had any issues until this morning.

It is not a new restriction, you can’t GBiT any transaction that is pending.

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I’ve had this a few times, once it’s gone from pending then I’ve used GBiT. Doesn’t actually take too long to go out of pending … certainly whenever I’ve done it anyway.

Thanks @Curve_Marie. I must have just been very lucky in the past then - I’ve literally used GBiT less than a minute after a transaction many times, and it’s always been fine. This transaction seems to have taken about 4 hours to leave the pending state, but I’m now able to move it :slight_smile:

What does “Pending” actually mean in the Curve app then? It seems to leave that state far quicker with Curve than presentment normally would happen.

Slightly related note - I notice that when I select a card for GBiT, the order of my cards is correct (alphabetical, same as it was before the January update), but in the rest of the app the card order is completely random. Is this known/expected?


From my experience:
Charges are usually pending for a few seconds.
But when a merchant puts an actual AUTH on the card rather a charge, you’ll see pending as long as the AUTH is on the card / til it expires (after 7 days)

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Pending in the app usually mean that the transaction is not yet collected/captured, in some cases it can mean that the transaction has been declined. We will improve the messaging for these cases.

This is known. The product team is currently working on making it possible again to rearrange the cards.


I think that’s the confusion. Pending in the curve app doesn’t mean the same as normal banking terms. It would be good if you could clear that up.

I have experienced this today as well. It ought to be cleaner and easier to go back in time on a pending transaction than on a finalised transaction. What is the rationale for this restriction?

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I managed to use go-back-in-time today to change the underlying card before the transaction appeared on the original underlying card’s statement. It seems to work the next day, but not the same day.