Pending Transaction

I have a problem with transaction because its still pending and i dont know what to do. I wrote to support and now im waiting. I hope that curve wont charge me additional money for that and i dont know from where it comes that transaction it suddenly appeared when I added the card. Have someone had that same problem?

Same here i asked then a couple of day ago to try another card

You see “Pending” where - in curve app or in linked bank statement/app (if there is any)?

In curve app.

But they didnt charge you with any extra money for time of transaction?

I tried using another card but its didnt work for me.

Still waiting for response

How long have you been waiting ? Tell me one more thing that you contacted support?

I have send them question weeks ago
Have forget what it was
I have try to resend it
No response

Last time is some days ago, with a ATM use that are pending in Curve

In Android app (Version - 2.14.8) when a certain amount is blocked (for example rental car booking), it shows up as pending (this is okay).

But when the blocking is cancelled, it still shows up as pending. Even if I got push notification that the transaction has been cancelled, in the time line it shows up as pending.

Is this a bug or missing implementation ?

Can it be updated to show it correctly ?

Hey @johnygmalayil

I’ve gone ahead moved this to our Help section. It sounds like you may need to delete and reinstall your app to see if this corrects your display. We recommend contacting our support team at for further guidance on your account.