Pending transactions in different currency

I have purchased an item in € on my euro currency card linked to Curve and the transaction is currently showing as pending. I now want to use my Curve card with £ linked card as this is my usual currency.

My question is, when the € transaction completes, will it compete on the original € card, or now that I’m using a £ card, it will be charged on this card and in Pounds rather than Euros?

Hello there,

When a transaction is on pending means that the transaction is autorised on the original card but not taken by the merchant. By changing a underling card while this is still pending won’t changed the ongoing transaction.

Hope I’m clear enough !!

This is not my experience - I have had many instances when international pending transactions have been charged to another card which was active when the transaction was closed rather than the original card. Luckily Go back in time has enabled me to transfer the transaction back onto the correct card.