Pending transactions in timeline and empty card history

I’ve been having this issue for quite a while now.
Basically all the transactions only show in the Timeline tab, but they always stay as “Pending” even if the underlying card is correctly charged and the payment shows up on my bank statement.
The card history is always empty and of course the search and filter don’t work.
Basically, even if the card works as expected, the app itself is useless.
I’ve contacted support 3 weeks ago and they asked me to clear the cache and reinstall the app. The only thing that it achieved was to lose all the pending transactions in the Timeline tab.
After all this time I’m still waiting for a fix.

Any idea on when a fix will be available?

Same error here.
Even transactions from 2019 are marked as pending.
You can also see the full updated android bugs list here if you’re on beta: All current Android bugs

Yes, it used to be like this for a while, but every time I reinstall the app, all the transactions get lost.

That usually takes a min or two for me til the full transactions history is downloaded again and then it shows again.

Well, last time I reinstalled the app was more than two weeks ago and my previous history didn’t came back.