Permanent Cashback on all spends

Is it possible you could add a permanent Cashback option? Let’s say 1% for Metal and like 0.5% for Black? I think that would be really popular.

I agree that this would make a good way forward—scrap retailer-specific rewards and become a generic cash back card.

If Metal costs £15 pcm and earned 1%, while Black cost £10 pcm and earned 0.5%, one would have to spend £1,500 pcm to recoup the cost of Metal or £2,000 pcm to recoup the cost of Black. For my part, I would almost certainly upgrade to Metal on those terms, but this would not turn black into a good proposition. The price would have to drop to about £6-7 pcm to make it worthwhile IMO—and even then I’d still be on the fence about moving from my Legacy Black.

Considering most of my cashback never tracks anyway I don’t see it of benefit personally, but if it worked, then permanent cash back would be great.

What do you mean by “never tracks”? As in, you purchase something at one of your cash back retailers in the first 90 days of having a Curve account and you don’t get the rewards? Open a ticket and identify each transaction and what should have happened. I had problems with Amazon and TfL, in particular (tapping into the Tube worked, but topping-up an Oyster card did not).

If Curve became a generic cash back card, then this wouldn’t be a problem, because there would be no need to track individual retailers (there would still need to be some tracking, as I doubt they would give cash back on ATM withdrawals for example).

I don’t have the time to do that for every single transaction, but thanks for the suggestion.

They are all Amazon ones, so its not as if Curve don’t know they are Amazon, I queried one at the start, it was a crappy support reply, so I didn’t bother anymore.

I have the same issue, and it’s usually because the purchases are Amazon Marketplace. They never track, but I do log a ticket and every time they apply the Cashback manually.

They keep saying they are forwarding the issue to the relevant team at Curve for a fix. @Curve_Marie / @Curve_Liz do we know if there is going to be a fix in place for this soon?

Hi there! We’re sorry to hear about what’s happened with your cashback and overall customer experience. We’re looking into this right now for you and someone from our team will reach out to you directly.

It’s been sorted now. Thanks

Ty for the feedback! Hopefully Curve will consider it!

Curve’ve already announced this few months ago.

What Curve announced was a permanent cashback when spending at a number of selected retailers.

What the topic starter means is a permanent cashback on all spends. (I adjusted the title to make that clearer)

Uh, yeah, that’s sounds much better than what we have :slight_smile: Thanks for the clarification.

I can see the attraction, but I’d question the sustainability.

I wonder, thinking about it, just where that cost is met.

  • If it’s by some agreement between Curve and the retailer, I can’t see how such an arrangement could exist universally.

  • If it’s not, then wouldn’t Curve customers need to foot the bill?

Of course, I may be missing something obvious here, so I apologise in advance :roll_eyes:

Cost is met through subscriptions: Metal & black.

OK. In which case, of course, extending the cashback benefit would be pretty much dependent upon a successful subscription system.

It’s a dangerous move.

Most cashback/reward schemes are effectively funded by a marketing budget in the major banks. They are loss leaders to get you to buy their other products.

Trying to fund such a thing through only subscriptions is just asking for trouble - it will attract very much the wrong crowd of people who are just out to game the system and profit as much as they can. Certainly not a sustainable business model, let alone for a company that is already struggling to come up with anything sustainable!


That’s why I only suggested 0.5-1% which will be sustainable through subscriptions, instead of 3-5% cashback you usually see from the major banks in the US.

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