Pesky verification charges

I linked my Curve card to my Tesco Pay + account last Thursday. Eight (!) days later and the charge is still there on my Curve card and charged to my underlying card. When will this finally drop off and the underlying card refunded? If this was an ordinary credit/debit card the charge would have stayed pending until it dropped off.

I cannot see how Curve card makes it easier to keep track of your spending, what with verification transactions charged to underlying cards and waiting absolutely ages for said charges to drop and be refunded, petrol pre-auths hanging around for ages as actual charges and some with failed transactions on their cards still making it through as a charge to the underlying card.

Very difficult to manage and know what you have spent, what you haven’t spent and what should be refunded to underlying card at any one time.

End of rant. :smile: Back to my original question: When will the verification charge drop off of curve and then how much longer after that will I have to keep an eye on my underlying card statement to see a refund?

When I linked my Monzo card to Curve, there were 2 x £1 charges, but these we refunded in seconds.

I have noticed a problem recently with pre-authorisation and pending transactions completely failing to be properly identified in the app…they used to be clearly identified as pending until the retailer dumped them or corrected the amount - now they show as a completed transaction when they aren’t.

Hi @breakingbad :slightly_smiling_face: There are two types of verification charges:

3DS pre-authorises 1 GBP (or the equivalent in other currency) and then reverses the authorisation straight away, as this is never charged the amount will drop of your bank statement once reversed.

Microcharges are immediately refunded and will be reflected on your bank statement within 3-5 working days, depending on your card issuer.

If you have any questions specific to your account please contact our team at support@curvepp they will be able to look at any specific verification transactions for you :face_with_monocle:


This one finally dropped away after 8 days. I did contact support but the reply I got after 4 days didn’t make any sense and it didn’t deal with my problem. I just mention this if anyone else finds themselves in the same boat adding Curve card to Tesco Pay +, it took 8 days before the charge ‘dropped’ and was refunded on Curve card, and a further day for the refund to show on the underlying card.

It’s just a case of having confidence in the way Curve works. It is new and it is different.

So all sorted now, but I hope this helps anyone else finding themselves in a similar situation. :slight_smile: