Phantom Transactions

I’m getting odd phantom transactions. For example, when I woke up this morning I had a notification that at 1:50am I had spent £14 in my local Tesco. I was asleep at the time and the store closes at 10pm!

It just happens to be the same amount that was spent yesterday morning, so it’s a phantom duplicate transaction.

Each time I report these, I get a rather short reply which doesn’t really explain why it’s happening. Although it’s eventually sorted, the tone of the reply is rushed and “off”. It’s as though, I should have known what was happening. The reply is sometimes incomplete and I have to go back with another question.

These phantom transactions don’t inspire confidence in the Curve platform. They don’t happen when I use my “actual” cards, only when I use Curve.

I suppose I really want to ask, has anyone else had phantom or duplicate transactions? If so, did you get a clear explanation from Curve that you could let me know.


I’ve not seen these personally but it definitely sounds a bit odd. Are the transactions always for the same Tesco and does the amount come off your underlying card? The only explanation outside of Curve that I can think of is that it’s that particular Tesco location’s POS system authorising a duplicate transaction then returning the money to you.

I know that Monzo users had a problem where they were getting double charged so perhaps this is a strand on from that?

It’s not just Tesco, happens at other retailers. Both show on the underlying card and when I contact Curve one will be removed.

The explanations vary, but to be honest they are often illogical and sometimes defensive. i.e rather than get to the bottom of why it’s happening, I’m made to feel like I should know what’s happening.