Phased Expansion of curve cash program & Seasonal Retailer changes

Short term:
I suggested to the support team that since buyers shopping behaviour can change seasonally and depending on different category focus for genders e.g. the ladies get to switch fasion retailers to get certain deals or types of clothing in summer vs winter. Men can change to DIY stores in sprint and sports retailers in summer or autumn to coincide with sports seasons and school for their kids. We might to change to specialist winter or summer sports retailers.

Medium Term: 1. I am only a Curve blue holder and would certainly love my curve cash to be a permanent offer and enabling this for Blue users via the option of a quarterly retailer switch will allow extension of the plan for Blue users but fixed to 3 retailers per quarter.
2. Considering i dont pay a monthly fee though i think firstly the paid plans should get better deals. In addition to the ability to change retailers every month or at least every quarter my proposal is that differentiating Black and metal plans from blue by enabling the paid plans to change retailers regularly, and give them a larger selection of retailers (4 for Black and 6 for Metal or 6 and 8 next year) would help greatly to expand adoption and encourage usage.

Long term: maybe for Metal users increasing the cashback % to 1.5 would make more sense and really make the Metal plan attractive. I could get 1.25% + cashback from credit cards in Ireland (a country with generally useless credit cards) with no fee so i dont think 1.5% is too much to ask for a high fee paying card and would like to see Curve move in this direction by next year. I think adding this feature to metal at the same time as expanding it outside UK would definitely bring users to Metal.

0.5% to 1% is fairly easily achievable with a lot if credit cards, when combined with the old blue curve rewards scheme I can get 4-6% cashback without paying a pennie. To make black or metal attractive in any way the cashback scheme would require some substantial improvements.

The main failing at the moment is that curve (which aims to replace the cards in your wallet) has an annual spend limit - as long as this is the case it will never be able to fully replace them

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Ok that’s good info. I didn’t know you had so much. Yeah I don’t think 1.24 or 1.5% is too much for an unplain plan eventually and certainly 3% for paid plans, but they have to make money too and I would be ok if they reach high % in phase.