Phone/Chat with Curve support without access to the app

Is there any possibility to have integrative contact with Curve support when I don’t have access to it through the app (I can’t log in to the app, in fact, that’s the problem I need to resolve). I know that there is a form and possibility to communicate by e-mail, but after exchanging a few messages (which didn’t solve my login issue), Curve support has stopped replying.

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You could do worse then try Twitter @AskCurve

You can use this web-based form.
As far as I know there is no interactive chat; only the chat (non-interactive) via the app, the support email and the complaints email.

I am also experiencing some other issues and as a Curve Investor, I was expecting better support. However, support is really slow and not helpful at the moment, which is totally unacceptable especially for issues like yours and mine which essentially prevent us to use the Curve card.

I also just opted for the paid Curve Metal subscription (just to give it a try) so being that I’m a “paid” customer now, I expect nothing less than professional and priority support.
If I don’t get that then I’m gonna file complaints and post negative reviews.

Curve is at the “arrogance of success” phase: a small company that supposedly became successful and forgot the main ingredient of its success - their customers!