Phone insurance - CURVE


I upgraded to Curve Metal couple of months ago, and I wanted to get some clarity on the Phone insurance section.

I know there is a cap of £800.00 on phones, but my query was on how do we notify AXA or Curve which phone we possess? Does this happen when the claim is logged if something happens? Do we need to upload our phone details to any portal to activate this?



I think this is the case. I have not logged my phone to any portal or had any contact with AXA. prior to claim. When unfortunately I had an accident they asked me to send:

The make and model of the item(s) or phone.
A repair estimate from a reputable repairer/dry cleaner.
Proof of ownership for the phone.

What if instead of fixing it you decide to buy a new one?
Not every damage can be fixed.
This is my concern

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Hey @Nipa, the Curve team can’t discuss the terms of your policy on behalf of AXA as this is handled on a case by case basis by the AXA team. The other members of this Community can only advise based on their own personal experiences so my recommendation would be to email the AXA team directly at :smiley:

Have you had a chance to check your insurance documents here yet too?


As most phones are over £1,000 this doesn’t sound like good cover IMO.