Phone Insurance - Does it cover partner?

Hi all,
I’ve been looking over the insurance policy and cannot work out whether the phone insurance covers my partner, like the travel insurance.

Wording appears both clear and ambiguous; in the policy document it says the ‘you’ is considered both the card holder and also partner and dependent children.

Travel insurance makes no difference between people, neither does the phone insurance section.

So therefore is the partner covered?

Thanks for your help people.

I’m under the he same idea that both are covered as both live in the same household.

If you’ve any questions about your policy, you can always get in touch with AXA Travel Insurance:

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A real pain Curve can’t be clear about what is essentially a central part of their added benefits for the Metal plan.

I have contact Axa, according to the automatic reply I shouldn’t expect a reply from them for at least 2 weeks. Suppose that’s quicker than usual Curve support though!

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It’s apparently due to some FSA/Laws or something…

If anyone is interested, please see email response from Axa below:

Good afternoon

If you both reside at the same address, then the cover will also apply to your partner.

Kind regards


Axa Travel Insurance

So confirmation there from Axa, that the insurance covers people at the same address, if you are partners. Good to know. Plus, Axa replied quicker than my ongoing Curve support issues :joy: